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Territory:  Eastern PA, VA, WV

Snack Foods

     Nabisco Brands including Oreo, Lorna Doone, Nutter Butter, ChipsAhoy!, Fig Newton, Nillas, Honey Maid, Swiss Creme, Barnum's Animal Crackers, Snackwells, Teddy Grahams, Cheese Nips, 100 calorie items, Wheat THins, Ritz Bits, Ritz Chips, Corn Nuts, Premium Saltines and Toblerone.

     Back To Nature including Honey Graham Sticks, Crispy Wheats, Crispy Cheddars and Chocolate Chunk Mini Cookies.


     Snack & Sip

     Planters including Salted, Light Salt, Hot, Honey Roasted and Cocktail Peanuts and Trail Mixes, Almonds and Cashews.


Coffee and Tea

     Cafe Collections, Gevalia, Maxwell House, General Foods International Coffees, Yuban, Sanka, Kenco, Tassimo and Lipton Teas.


     Lunchables, South Beach Diet, Tombstone, Easy Mac, Bagel-fuls and Go>Wich.


     Capri Sun, Kool Aid Jammers, Crystal Light, Twist

For more information please link to www.kraftfoodservice.com or www.kraftvendingocs.com.